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Wells-Barkerville Community Forest

Wells-Barkerville Community Forest Ltd.

Board Meeting (Open)

June 19, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Wells Municipal Hall 4243 Sanders Avenue, Wells, BC 

Meeting Notice and Agenda here

Agenda Package


Call for Board of Director Nominations

The Wells-Barkerville Community Forest Ltd is calling for nominees to stand for appointment to its Board of Directors.

WBCF Board Members are expected to attend board meetings, which are scheduled as needed and can be as frequent as once per month. Meetings are held in Wells, BC. The WBCF Board is a governance board that is expected to make higher level policy decisions to provide the best direction for the Community Forest and the corporation, to protect the corporation's assets and limit its liability.

For additional information and details on how to apply, please see the Call for Board Nominations here.


The Wells Barkerville Community Forest was approved and granted to the Wells Barkerville Community Forest Corporation in 2014.  The forest covers approximately 4300 hectares to the north of the town of Wells. 

The Wells-Barkerville Community Forest Ltd (WBCF) is governed by a Board comprised of seven Directors.  It is a Corporation that has a single shareholder, which is the District of Wells.  The WBCF is committed to managing the forest in a sustainable way while also benefiting the local community.

Being right on the edge of town, the WBCF contains some of the area's recreation trails, forms part of the town's viewscape, is a popular non-timber forest product harvesting area and contains one local home. The WBCFC is committed to being open, providing information to the community and listening to public input.  


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