District of Wells

Art. History. Adventure.


Wells is a town of local business. We are all independently owned and operated businesses, many of which have been developed by the owners according to local need and demand. Local businesses are represented by the Wells & District Chamber of Commerce. If you are looking to invest or start a business there are many opportunities in Wells. If you're looking for a specific business in Wells, please go to our community directory for a full listing of businesses and local groups.

Wells' main economic driver is tourism.  Local attractions include Barkerville, Bowron Lakes, Island Mountain Arts School of the Arts, ArtsWells and many outdoor recreation opportunities.

Gold mining provides a significant amount of economic activity as well.  The primary employer in this sector is Barkerville Gold Mines Inc.  Many smaller mining operations exist in the area, increasing in number with increasing gold prices.

The forest industry is very active in the Wells area.  Most of the employment in this sector, however, is based outside the community and Wells sees minimal economic benefit.  We hope to change this situation with the proposed Wells-Barkerville Community Forest.