District of Wells

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Wells-Barkerville School

Wells is a great place to raise children. Its small population ensures a great deal of safety, and our children enjoy the new playground whether school is in, or out for the summer.

The Wells Barkerville School is a modern elementary school with gym, kitchen and computer facilities. Grades run from Kindergarten through grade seven in two to three classrooms, depending on student enrollment.  The school has run its own lunch program for many years now, with students participating. Food Safe courses are run each year to train the new students and parent helpers.

The curriculum follows the BC elementary school curriculum, but is also adapted to the skills and interests of the students and the unique opportunities of the area.

Parents are an integral part of learning and in Wells the Wells-Barkerville Parent Association are key.  If you are moving to town or have kids going into school here, take the opportunity to be more active in their education!