District of Wells

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Wells Official Art and Potluck Supper

June 29 - a special day for Wells as we celebrate our 19th Anniversary since incorporation!

To celebrate this event, we are hosting two events:

(1) Wells Official Art
(2) Potluck Supper
Wells Official Art - as an artistic community it is only fitting that we have a designated official art piece each year. So this year we are asking for submissions that reflect the artist vision of Community Pride. Submissions are due on Friday, June 23
From Monday, June 26 - Thursday, June 29 - the community will be invited to the District office to vote on their choice of art.
Potluck Supper - On June 29, the community will come together to enjoy a potluck supper and the winner of the Official Art will be announced. Starting at 6:30 pm we hope that this time allow everyone from Wells, Bowron and Barkerville to join together.