District of Wells

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Map of all non-motorized winter trails in Wells.

ALL ski tracks have been set in Wells.  That is; all meadow trails, including the 2.2km Moose Island Loop, Jola's cut-off, Coronado Road for it's entire length (from Hardscrabble Road to the picnic site) and Cornish Mountain Road for it's entire length (from the junction with Coronado Road to Downey Pass Road).  The A-loop has been rollered (there is too much sideways slope to set this).

Skiing conditions are again excellent.

Feeling energetic this weekend?  The snowmobile groomer has been around the Sugar Creek Loop, so the Downey Pass Road (1 Mile Road) from the junction with Cornish Mountain Road down to the Wells - Barkerville snowmobile corridor is hard packed and currently smoother than a baby's bottom as no snowmobiles have yet been around (there is currently about 2cm of fresh snow on top).  I recommend skiing Coronado Road, Cornish Mountain Road, Downey Pass Road, then returning to Wells on the snowmobile corridor - a round trip of 15 - 20km.  I'll be there Sunday, and hope to see some of you out there too.

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Cornish Mountain Road near to the junction with Downey Pass Road.

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Wells, viewed from Jola's cut-off.

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Coronado Road.