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International Mountain Day - December 11

The United Nations observes International Mountain Day every year on December 11 to celebrate and bring awareness to the world’s mountain environments and the people and cultures that inhabit them. People around the world work, live, and play in mountain ecosystems and mountains play an important spiritual role in many cultures. Mountains support a rich diversity of life on our planet and provide the world with fresh glacial water. Starting in 2003, the United Nations intended International Mountain Day to be an opportunity for people worldwide to build alliances that celebrate the opportunities and tackle the constraints in mountain environments. 

Each year the United Nations selects a different theme for International Mountain Day. 2016’s International Mountain Day theme is “Mountain Cultures: Celebrating Diversity and Strengthening Identity”.

Experience International Mountain Day in the amazing Canadian Mountains from anywhere in the world by participating online with the Canadian Mountain Network’s livestream to www.internationalmountainday.ca

Members of the Canadian Mountain Network will broadcast from stunning mountain vistas and charming mountain communities to show the world Canada’s unique mountain landscapes and culture.