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Community Directory

This is a directory of businesses, community groups and services in Wells. Please select the business or organization type from the dropdown menu then hit "apply" to view the results.

If you have a business or service that you have started in Wells and would like it included here, please contact the District Office.

Wells Community Garden

The Community Garden has a number of outdoor plots and some smaller spaces in the community greenhouse. Members of the Wells Community Garden share a love of things that grow and are continually learning about plants and agriculture, especially at...

Wells Historical Society

The Wells Historical Society is a group of Wellsians interested in learning about and sharing the rich history of Wells and surrounding area. They are responsible for the Wells Museum and Archives. History in Wells is not only in the museum, though...

Wells Recreation Society

The Wells Recreation Society manages and maintains the Wells Curling Centre and Club.  The curling club was dormant for a while, but they are now back at it, getting new ice and stones ready for the 2012/2013 season! OPEN FROM SUNDAY TO THURSDAY...

Wells Snowmobile Club

Come find some of the best snow while you escape into the Cariboo mountains! For more information on the Wells Snowmobile Club, contact:President: Todd Madillwellssnowmobiling (at) yahoo.ca Or check out their website at www.snowmobilewells.com

Wells Sportsmen's Association

The outdoor hunting and fishing enthusiasts' club of Wells.

Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade

Fire protection is provided in Wells by the Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade.  The WVFB will respond to any fire call in the Wells Fire District and provides secondary emergency services when requested and where possible.The WVFB is the only fire...

Wells Wheels ATV Club

Wells Wheels is a newly formed club that is helping to expand the recreational use of trails around Wells. If you are interested in recreational ATV'ing and looking to explore some of the trails in the region, talk to Wells Wheels! For more...