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2014 Election Edition

Key Election Dates

Advance Voting: Wednesday, November 5, 2014 8:00am to 8:00pm in the Wells Community Hall

All Candidates Forum: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 7:00pm in the Wells Community Hall

General Voting: Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 8:00am to 8:00pm in the Wells Community Hall


  • Two (2) pieces of ID when you come to vote
  • Voting is conducted IN PERSON only on the above dates


  • Please contact Chief Election Officer, Katrina Leckovic at (250) 994-3330.
  • Additional election information is available on the District of Wells website at www.wells.ca

Councillor Candidates for Election by Voting (Four to be Elected)

Surname Usual Names Jurisdiction of Residence
Dodd Kelsey Margaret Avenue, Wells
Doerksen Tyler Bowman Crescent, Wells
Kilsby Mandy Mildred Avenue, Wells
Kozar Lorraine Hardscrabble Road
Leroy Phil Blair Avenue, Wells
Machan Robert Margaret Avenue, Wells
Wilkins Virginia Hong Street, Wells
Wright Richard Barkerville Highway, Wells

Councillor Candidate Platforms

Kelsey Dodd

I have been a member of the Wells Community full time since April of 2010. My husband Cory was raised in Wells and the opportunity to have our 2 children attend the same school as their dad and aunts is something that I cherish. We purchased our family home in Wells in 2011 and I am committed to the future of our community.
Currently I am employed at Barkerville Gold Mines as the administrator of the Wells office and since 2011 I have bartended at the Wells Hotel in the summers. Previous to my time in Wells I was a fulltime resident of Sun Peaks Resort which gave me an in-depth lesson in seasonal employment opportunities and challenges.
If awarded the opportunity, my time on Council will be used to represent young families and encouraging the growth of our community. Increasing property values and quality of life in Wells is important for all of our members, from our young families to our seniors.
Getting more people involved in community organizations needs to be in the forefront. During my time in Wells I have been involved in the Wells Legion, Wells Recreation Society, PAC and the Wells Rod and Reel Club.
Over the next 4 years the District of Wells will continue to evolve.
  • With more and more grant opportunities arising and organizations in Wells receiving grant money to assist in funding it is time for Council to get involved. The District of Wells needs to be responsible for our citizens by ensuring that grant money brought into the community with the assistance of Council is benefiting those in our community capable of work. Keeping jobs and young families in our community go hand in hand.
  • As a member of Council I believe it is important to work to improve our recreational facilities. This includes but not limited to our skating rink, our trail system for both summer and winter activities (the original plan was great but upkeep needs to happen regularly), and our curling rink.
  • Maintaining focus on the discussions brought to council is important as is cleaning up all of the past issues and ensuring that those who have come to Council to seek answers or direction are heard and know that their concerns are dealt with.
I have the drive to ensure that any project or concern is seen through to the end. I believe it is important that community members feel that the Council they elected are listening to them and that their views are brought forth. Although I have my own opinions I know that working with others with a consensus on common goals will bring about a good quality of life and deserved recognition for the District of Wells.
The economic drivers in our local community are undoubtedly tourism (including the arts), mining and forestry. To support tourism we will need to find more options for accommodations for both our visitors and staff. Every organization in our community wants to feel welcome, included and supported and I believe I would be good at my responsibility to do so.
The Wells Community Forest is a great undertaking for our community. I would like to see this project be taken on by those who feel they are capable of moving it in the right direction and have the knowledge and experience to do so.
I appreciate the opportunity to run for Council in such a wonderful community. I am excited for the chance to learn from and work with Robin Sharpe and the other elected members of Council.ca
Tyler Doerksen
Thank you for taking the time to read this special election edition of the Wellspring. I am completing this submission in order to communicate to the voters of Wells my Platform on which I`m running for councilor in this election.
The issues in this election on which I have decided to campaign in support of are; providing a Fire Station suitable to our towns current needs, Education, Childcare, and improved Recreation and Health services.
Addressing these topics will surely help in making Wells the best place possible to call home.
I can assure Voters that I take all of these issues seriously, have solid solutions that I am prepared to stand behind, and look forward to working together with our current Mayor and future Council to reach these goals.
On November 15th I ask for your vote in support of SMART governance and look forward to serving our wonderful gateway town for years to come.
Mandy Kilsby
I seek election to the District of Wells council because I am optimistic about the future of our community, and I am confident that we can work together to make it thrive. I believe the best way to work toward a positive future is through the rigorous use of common sense, communication, and research based decision making.
This is an exciting, but challenging time for Wells and its residents. The changing nature of the resource and tourism industries mean that we must work harder to maintain our local economy. I am committed to supporting projects that are of long term benefit to the community, including local mining initiatives, year round tourism throughout the local area, initiatives such as the Community Forest, community services for kids and seniors, and the arts. I am also dedicated to seeking viable solutions to the lack of accommodation for visitors as well as year round, seasonal, and future residents.
Wells faces economic, social and environmental challenges that must be worked through with thoughtful long term planning. We face additional challenges to emergency planning and access to services due to our remote location and limited population. Solutions to these difficulties can only be reached through consultation, collaboration, cooperation, and realistic assessments of our community's resources and challenges.
I believe building strong relationships between community members, our industrial partners, and regional, provincial and federal organizations can help us to achieve a bright and sustainable future for Wells.
Lorraine Kozar
I would like to serve on the District of Wells Council because I am a big believer in team work. As someone involved with sled dogs, it's obvious to me that we can achieve success when more of us are pulling together in the same direction!
In the last eight years I have lived in Wells and have contributed to the community as the Vice-President of the Friends of the Hall and Vice-President of the ATV club; I have served two years as the Treasurer of the Snowmobile Club, and have participated and volunteered in the Dog Sled Mail Run for 18 years.
When I lived in and around the lower mainland, I worked at a golf course where I was involved with organizing and funding for tournaments while dealing with the public, working with a board of directors and a large membership for over 20 years. I can bring those experiences and skills to Council.
As a small town with a mixed economy, Wells faces unique challenges. Some of the issues facing us are employment and housing. To encourage growth or even just maintain our population we must examine all potential avenues that are available. The creation of a circular route from Barkerville to Hwy 16 (Purden Lake) via Bowron Lake Road could increase tourist visitation. We have almost 7 months of winter, so supporting winter sports could help make our town a winter destination.
I believe that increased collaboration between the District of Wells, Wells and Bowron businesses, local non-profits, and Barkerville could result in some innovations that could benefit all of us.
The Community Forest and other local initiatives may provide new opportunities to increase local employment and services. I am confident that its Board, District staff and local residents will find ways to manage it for the maximum good.
Phil Leroy
If you are taking the time to read this it’s because you care about this town as much as I do, and you want to make sure that you make the right decision in choosing representation for Wells.
I am running for council because I am an ambitious person who believes in getting things done. I want to be a councilor that takes a hands on approach to see things through, a person that will bring real solutions with me to office. I want to work with the community to pursue opportunities and face the challenges.
Some Key Topics I would like to work with are:
  • Programming and Activities for children and youth; “Children are our future.” It’s a phrase we hear often, but it is often used without a full understanding of the implications. We have seen an increase of young families move to town, Wells needs to be a place that has more to offer for these children so that we can keep families here and attract more young families to town. Supporting the school with fundraising so that children of our community are able to participate in extra- curricular activities, lobbying for more preschool age programs and funding opportunities to get a roof over the ice rink are just a few things we could work towards.
  • Development of connections between existing trails between regional trail systems to create all types of shared use trails; Tourism is one of the main economic drivers for our town and we have so much that we have to offer when it comes to outdoor recreation. Working on maintaining and expanding our current trail systems is key. Connecting Prince George to Wells through existing trail systems and Phase 3 of the Gold Rush Trail will complete a destination trail system from Clinton to Wells. Local trail users and visitors provide direct economic benefits to hotels, restaurants, retailers, gas stations and other businesses as a result of increases in trail activities.
  • Recycling; Have recycle bins available at the Wells Refuse Site. More residents will be inclined to recycle if it is made easier and more accessible than driving to Quesnel. By increased recycling we not only impact the environment but reduce the amount of material disposed of into landfills, thus saving money and resources.
  • Affordable accommodations and housing; Barkerville has started projects to create more accommodations for tourists and staff, supporting and working with Barkerville would be in the towns best interest.
  • Decrease power outages; Put pressure on BC Hydro to ensure consistent and reliable power to town.
If you will elect me I promise to do my best to serve this town and the needs of its people. Thank you for your consideration.
Robert Machan
My name is Robert James Bruce Machan (no kidding). I was born in Mayo, Yukon in 1960, the youngest of three boys. We moved to Qualicum Beach, BC in 1965. My father secured a teaching position at QBSS. 
Upon graduation I worked for MacMillian Bloedel doing various jobs covering most aspects of the forest industry including falling. I left in the midst of the "war of the woods" in Clayoquot Sound, not long before M&B sold to Weyerhauser. I continued working for various falling contractors along the BC coast until 2008. 
During these years of thrashing about in the bush, I was married, divorced and became the father of three grown men, Wes, Sean and Braydon and grandfather to Cameron. 
In the summer of 2009, I had the amazing good fortune of meeting Kelleigh Marshall, just after the passing of my mother and just before my father's. We lived together for a year aboard my old converted troller, 275 sq.ft. and decided since we still liked each other, we should sell the boat, get out of dodge and become landowners. 
After a summer of travelling around BC looking for a place to live, Wells stood out as the obvious choice for us. 
So why am I running for public office? 
First off, I have the time as I am semi-retired, but mainly now that Wells has access to harvest 5000 cubic meters per year, my forestry background could be of use. My primary concern being that local full time jobs are created through value added, such as milling structural beams, lumber, log homes, furniture, etc., as long as it doesn't roll out of town in the round. There will be no long term benefit for the people of Wells if that happens. 
Thank you for your consideration.
Virginia Wilkins
I have been a Councillor since 1998, the year Wells became incorporated. I have enjoyed working together with the community on various issues and improvements over the years...
My main concern is safety. We have lobbied for years for a bike lane from Wells to Barkerville. Now, due to the additional ore and logging trucks on the highway, it is even more hazardous for tourists and locals to cycle between Wells and Barkerville. I feel strongly that proper signage is required for the congested area on the highway between the Northwoods and the Hubs Motel as it is a safety hazard.
Housing is another issue I am passionate about, specifically affordable housing for seniors and seasonal workers. This is an issue we have relentlessly lobbied for years.
I have sat on many committees over the years including Quality of Life; Emergency Planning; Zoning & Planning; Housing and the Student Scholarship program. I am very proud and pleased to be on the Board of Directors of the newly granted Wells Community Forest.
Richard Wright
1) Being on the Wells District council allows me to present a voice for the community in
a. programs and opportunities offered to municipalities. Council has the opportunity to respond
b. to the community needs and wishes and work toward completing those goals by finding
c. funding and program avenues for improvement.
2) The top three goals will include, but not be limited to:
a. Bringing our Community Wood Lot on streams to provide income for the District and employment for Wells residents.
b. Working with Barkerville Gold Mines to continue providing employment for Wells residents while maintaining a sound and non-destructive environmental impact and a traffic flow that does not adversely affect our community.
c. Accommodation. We must find a way to increase quality accommodation for our residents, in particular our seniors, and to increase the accommodation available for summer residents and tourists. Without this our tourism industry will suffer.
d. There will need to be more than three goals for council. Another, which council has been working on for years is the need to increase our medical care, both in terms of ambulance service, policing, and at a minimum, a weekly nursing service.
3) The Wood Lot will need a strong committee with expertise in forestry and business to guide its direction.
a. Council will need to work closely with BGM management to insure the communities interests are at the forefront of its decisions.
b. Council will have to continue working with provincial agencies to provide senior housing. We will work with Barkerville Heritage Trust, to provide more summer housing, and develop more tourism accommodation by having our Economic Development Officer work on business plans and paving the way for new businesses and entreprenuers.
4) Economic drivers are constantly changing but at this time the two main streams are tourism and mining. Both need to be encouraged with a wide-ranging strategy.
5) Already mentioned above.
6) Before I can answer this question we need to review the pros and cons. Saying yes or no without the proper study is not in the community’s best interests.
Most important achievement?
While individual councilors have a vote and an impact on any decisions the goals of the community are best met by a council that works by consensus, thus I would not like to take credit for any accomplishment. However, I was pleased to be able to speak and suggest funds being given to the Wells Curling club and to speak in support of the Day Care; and to finally getting the Nuisance Property bylaw into place, which will serve to make the town more attractive.
I look forward to serving for a fourth term.

All Candidates Forum

Interested to find out more about the candidates for the upcoming municipal election?

Attend the All Candidates Forum, hosted by the Wells Chamber of Commerce, on Wednesday, November 12 at 7:00pm at the Wells Community Hall in the Banquet Room.

The Candidates will be asked the following questions at the Forum:

  1. Why do you want to be on the District of Wells Council?
  2. What do you feel will be the top three challenges and opportunities facing District of Wells during the next four years?
  3. What specific actions do you propose to overcome one or more of these challenges and opportunities?
  4. What do you consider the key economic drivers in our local economy and how can we encourage them?
  5. How would you like to see the Wells Community Forest administered?
  6. Should we expand our municipal boundaries to include the Mine (for taxation purposes)?
  7. For those who have not held office on Council: What specific skills or experiences do you have that make you a good candidate?
  8. For incumbents: What has been your most important achievement in the last term?